About Us

Your Trust in Heights: Highlift

Highlift was established in 2015 as a reliably and efficiently working company and has become a company specializing in the lifting industry. The company has become an important entity in the international arena by continuously investing in people, quality and innovation. With this international identity, Highlift committed to offering the best service regardless of time and place.


Highlift’s primary goal was to become the market leader in the industry in Turkey and surrounding countries. Highlift, also sells 1st class spare parts of man lift, telehandler, and forklift in addition to sales and rental services, is adopted the principle of safe and efficient working at heights. Since the day it was founded, Highlift provides training to its business partners and employees on this important issue. Adding value to its customers and to be indispensable for them is among the main goals of Highlift, which has a rich history in the field of machinery equipment rental and sales.

Highlift desires to be a global Turkish brand by providing man lift and power solutions to customers in Europe, Central Asia, and various developing countries after being the leader in rental and sales in our country and surrounding countries to ensure sustainable growth for customers.

3 important building blocks of Highlift’s strategy are:

  • Highlift team; People working under the roof of Highlift are innovative, bear international standards in terms of professional competence, open-minded and talented. Employees with these characteristics are the biggest factor that shapes Highlift.
  • Fleet; Highlift fleet delivers the needs of customers at the desired time to the desired location. Highlift has a corner on the market with the richness of its fleet, which grows every day in line with the demands of its customers.
  • Customer; Highlift is a company that is motivated to creating partnerships as easy as possible and adopted the satisfaction of its customers as the basic company policy.